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Teaching and taking care of your parrots properly is not just about giving them food and repeating certain words in front of them hopping they catch it at some point, the right step to start if you want to avoid spending a lot of time without any results is via understanding their behavior.

Parrots are just like humans every one of them has a different personality that requires you to interact with it accordingly, at IPVEROS we offer you three solutions that will take you step by step into understanding your bird’s personality and building a good relationship with them

Below you will find our main three packages that we offer, each one of these plans will take you a step further into mastering the art of taking care of you parrots and training their brain to focus on the words you’re trying to teach them.


Hello Birb, A comprehensive ebook ( Plan-1 )

The Ebook is the first step for you to understand the parrots behavior, why they’re able to mimic certain sounds, what’s motivates them into doing that and some simple tactics that you can try yourself.

Plan-2: Access to Ebook + Essentials course

Our essentials course will let you dive deep into different tactics of how you can build a relationship with your birds in order to make it easier for you to teach them new words.

Plan-3: Advanced course, emails support

In addition to the Ebook and the essentials course, with this plan you will get access to the full course and the ability to get help via email and ask all the question you have. We offer exclusive community access as a bonus for eligible users.

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Why IPVEROS? How it all started?

Weird website name isn’t it? Well the story behind it is simple and funny at the same time.

I’ve been active on various birds communities over Facebook for the last couple of years, learned a lot and helped many and overtime I started getting many requests to share my knowledge in a more comprehensive way, and many friends who were impressed by the techniques that I developed encouraged me to start an online course sharing all my experience in one centralized place where parrots keepers can have a step by step detailed guide to learn all of it.

So I decided to start a website where I can offer that, and immediately the struggle started to find a perfect name for the website


After spending so much time searching for an appropriate name for the website I found that all the good names are already taken my budgie Oscar was setting next to me I turned and said Oscar what do you think will be a good name for that?

And at that moment he jumped on the keyboard and IPV EROS was written so I decided to stop waisting time and I purchased ipVeros.com and since then I focused on improving the content without giving much care to the branding on social media or anything.

and here we are today within a few years only thousands of parrots keepers have joined us and each one of them has made the content improve in ways I didn’t expect.

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From the bottom of my heart, Thank you all for being a part of this!

Hello Birb


I am totally surprised by how much value and knowlegd this ebook has to offer


Advanced Course


By far this is the best resouce I’ve ever found about how to turn the words you teach your parrot to phrases that they can mimic in the right order, Thank you so much for all the time you spent answering my questions. good luck to you guys!

Emma Fox

Essentials Course


I always enjoyed watching funny parrot videos of people interacting with their birds out of the cage and having them as a friend, it’s the main motive that encouraged me to get into this beautiful world but I was surprized of how much Lilya ( my beautiful African grey ) was afraid of me. This course has helped me a lot to better understand her behavior and building a unique relationship with her removing all the fear in the process, I have recommended this course to many friends online as it has been super helpful for me.

Millie Rachyl

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