Our Journey: From a Small Store to a Parrot Lover’s Paradise

Once upon a time, in the virtual corners of the internet, Parrots Valley was a small online store. Our humble beginnings were rooted in a simple passion for parrots, a love that blossomed into something much greater over the years.

As you may already know It all started with parrotsvalley.com as our online store selling a handful of bird-related products – stylish parrot-themed t-shirts, meticulously handcrafted crochet parrots that mirrored the vibrancy of these beautiful birds. Each item was a labor of love, a testament to our fascination with these intelligent and colorful creatures. you can check the full story at our main website ( parrotsvalley.com/about )

But Why IPVEROS? How it all started?

Weird website name isn’t it? Well the story behind it is simple and funny at the same time.

since you landed at ipveros.com you are most likely coming from our main website where we made it over the years a hub for knowledge for everything about parrot keeping.

IPVEROS was born when we decided to offer online courses on a platform that’s dedicated for that purpose as we couldn’t find a perfect way to integrate it with the main website.

and at that moment the struggle begun to find a perfect name for the website
After spending so much time searching for an appropriate name for the website I found that all the good names are already taken my budgie Oscar was setting next to me I turned and said Oscar what do you think will be a good name for that

In a funny turn of events, Oscar jumped on the keyboard, typing out “IPV EROS.” Deciding to embrace the moment, I purchased ipVeros.com. Since then, IPVEROS has grown into our most valuable resource, offering detailed, step-by-step courses for parrot keepers

But the aim was always to keep all of our resources at one place making it easier for you to access everything in a centralized place by the end of 2023 we were already testing and trying various courses platforms working on integrating one that will elevate your experience.

and by April 2024 our courses platform has officially completed.

in the next period we will keep on working on making it even better.

ipveros.com will stay active for the rest of the year as we are still keeping on improving the experience and you can still order directly from ipveros.com, but all users will be redirected to parrotsvalley.com where they can access their accounts and even order directly from there.