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Hi, my name is OM

I am the author of HELLO BIRB, who could imagine that a regular guy like me who had so many struggles at even getting his first budgies to talk for a duration of a full year with no results will write an ebook about how to effectively teach your parrots to talk. and help 100s of people getting their parrots to say their first word

if we return back to 8 years from now I genuinely suck at teaching parrots to talk, I spent more than a year trying to teach my first parrot to say a simple phrase. I ended up not teaching him a single word. but my passion towards parrots drove me to search more on this subject, and start with what I know and improve on that. 

after three years of actively trying new strategies and learning from more experienced parrot keepers, I start to develop my own way that focus on tailoring a unique stratify to each different parrot species in the most effective way, which what my interest in parrots psychology comes in handy.

in this ebook, I took all of my experience from the past 7 years and I brook it down to steps that you can easily implement to teach your parrot to talk, unlike other ebooks that are focusing only or the theoretical side, I am here focusing on giving you a strict schedule to get out from your comfort zone and start getting your own experience.

this might sound intimidating but if you have already purchased this ebook you will know that you don’t have to worry about being not ready as I am giving you all you need to know to be comfortable doing what you have always strived to do.

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